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Flash Games in History
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Flash Games in History
Posted by: gamemaster, 2012-07-30, 00:00 - 0 comments

Flash games are responsive objects to every type of purposes in the web to users, not only for playing and fun but also for creating and managing a mysterious world with a simple touch. 

To start with…

   In the beginning of 1970s 

there are only the playing simple gaming consoles. With in the time gaming world have gone through developments Of particularly exceptional quality and value. In Europe in 1981, it has been created the Sinclair Spectrum, followed by the name of Commodore 64. These computers were allowed users to compute and save on Basic language the freelance application and games to the audio tape. At first, Sinclair ZX Spectrum was released with 48Kb memory and 8 colours. Than the Nintendo and Sega improved their consoles with new family named as the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo Family System with a better performance and evolution in graphics and sounds.

Afterwards at 1990s, according to authorities, one of the best evolutions in the gamers’ and the developers’ worlds were the Quake series. Maybe than Wolfenstein…

But where is the flash?

Flash has been needed with internet connection proliferation in world. In the end of 1990s the web contents are improved faster for consoles world to adapt their dispersion and one significant fault has been occurred, the internet connection. Whenever you want to play a game, It is been need the one of type of consoles for example Playstation. Contrariwise, the World Wide Web only requires that it is been needed only a connection to Internet, a browser and the Flash Player to reach the game pages.

Flash is main frame plug-in 

for all browsers with the beginning of 1998s starting with Windows 98. So flash applications are ready to be installed and used on every new PC Windows 98/XP/7/8 and Mac. So, flash has been added to computer systems with Windows 98. For now, flash tools are everywhere. According to last research in the 2000s, almost over 520 million unique applications of flash are appeared.

Is flash necessary?

Even if 50% of all Internet users still use a dial-up modem to get online and flash is applications are more reachable, online flash games are still under developed. If you do not have the browser and the net connection you may not play the flash applications. And the other risk is the quality problem on flash games. The graphs and the sound qualities are very low according to the other console and PC games. Of course it related with the performance of the machine and the graph and sound cards. However even if the PC is very low quality , you can pay games online if flash is ready to use in the PC.

One of the main advantages of flash games are there is no need big dates to implement in Blue ray disks, DVDs or CDs. Flash is enough to meet the demand of work through these however, by placing all big data onto web and delivering it to you through your the browser is the main serious problem. But of course, this problem will be undercover by development of internet broadband and the size of disks with in the 2020s.

Advantages of Macromedia Flash

The main sufficient point of Flash has always been to deliver broadband experiences over internet connections. Through using Flash’s native Vector graphics animation format, you can deliver crisp, stunning graphics in very small files.

Flash also has another trick up its sleeve — its own programming language, called ActionScript. ActionScript is based upon JavaScript. If you are a JavaScript wiz then you will be able to migrate to ActionScript very easily. If you are new to ActionScript and programming in general you will find that ActionScript, pictured below, is both logical and easy to master.

The latest version of Flash delivers a few more punches, to give you the tools you need to deliver complex games over the Internet. Audio and Video are given much more attention. You can now separate MP3 files from your Flash Movie, and stream them from the Web Server. Flash MX enables you to import and compress video into your Flash movies. Flash Video, the name for video converted for Flash, is based upon a compression algorithm developed by Sorenson (if that name sounds familiar, you’ll find that Sorenson also did a lot of work on QuickTime 6).

Both of these features can also be broadcast through Macromedia’s latest tool, Flash Communication Server MX 1.5. The Communication Server enables you to share Flash movies with people accessing your site through a Web Browser. You can also broadcast video/audio over the Internet through the Flash Player with the Communication Server. The result is that you have a high impact media delivery system that can be pushed through one plugin: the Flash Player.

Add in the new Flash MX Component Technology, tighter integration to your databases with Flash Remoting and broad 3rd party support for add in features such as 3D, and suddenly Flash is the newest game-tool-developing-application-solution on the block.

Flash Games in 2010s

The types of Flash games that are now beginning to hit the Internet, closely emulate the old Console games of the ’80′s. There are a lot of Tetris clones and PacMan rip-offs. But, these are just the experiments that need to be done to test out a new technology. The same thing happened with the PC: the first PC games were classics such as Solitaire. Where Flash will take game developers is now beginning to materialize. Strangely, the first place we’ve seen Flash games developed is in the advertising arena. The new medium of online commercials is Flash. You can see it on sites such as Weather.com, CNN.com and C|NET.com. All of these sites leverage rich media advertising (a.k.a. Flash). Companies that have been very successful with interactive Flash advertising include VW, with their VW Beatles’ Flash Ads.

The next step developers can take with Flash today is to make Flash games interactive. This can be done with current Flash Player you can use with Flash Remoting, Flash Communication Server or XML:Sockets to do this.

To summarize:

What this means is that you can expect the world online gaming to grow significantly because of Flash as our site gamesfortune.net. With Flash you enjoy many benefits:

  • Small files developed specifically for distribution over the Internet.
  • Support for rich media formats such as Graphics, Audio and Video.
  • Multi-user environments through XML:Socket Servers and Flash Communication Server.
  • Third Party Support for additional tools, such as 3D.
  • A universal format almost everyone has Flash.

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